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World of Music

Kalibé is an imaginary musical society where elements of different cultures dialogue together in harmony.

Traditional instruments from Africa, South America, Europe and Middle East play joyfully together.

Different voices and languages tell stories about life and express a message of tolerance and respect, curiosity for the diversity and universal love. 

With the belief that differences can contribute to create a richer world, all songs are originals, blending genres and styles to transcend boundaries


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 As a delicious meal with dishes from several cultures, Sambola means "mixed salad" and  features collaborations and spices from many different countries and traditions. Eleven original tracks sung in sinhala, portuguese, french, arabic, spanish (and more) to describe the magic of multiculturalism!

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Mãe da Lua (2017)


Heart and voice of this album is India Mãe da Lua: a poet, singer, musician and activist from Brazil.

With her deep and intense voice she sings about the need to preserve the environment, the meaning of existence and the importance of universal love. 

She investigates tribal languages, music and culture and has a strong belief that music can unite people. 

Recorded in Burkina Faso, this album is a melting pot of african and european sounds, instruments, languages...a bridge between different cultures, evocative songs with a strong social message.

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