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Mãe da Lua (2017)


Heart and voice of this album is Mãe da Lua, a poet, singer, musician and activist from Brazil. With her deep and intense voice she sings about the need to preserve the environment, the meaning of existence, and the importance of universal love. She investigates tribal languages, music and culture; all songs have a strong message of tolerance and peace, with the belief that music can unite people. 


India Mãe da Lua: voice, flutes, percussions, ngoni
Matteo Crugnola: guitars, charango, cavaquinho, percussions, kalimbas, setar, bass, sounds
Ermanno Panta: flute, sax, pandeiro

Linda & Sergio: voice (8)

Marco Modica: violin (5, 9, 12, 13)

Joaquín Sánchez Gil: clarinet (10)

Andrea Stanzione:  double bass (13)

Imad: guembri (4)

Alex Dell’Aglio: snare&charleston (6)

Maggie, Valentina, Astrid, Elisa, and many more: choir (3, 6, 12)

Cover artwork by Neshat Hedayati, photo by Karolina Daria

“I first met India Mae da Lua in 2004, when we were both street musicians in the South of Spain. She had just arrived in Europe and was traveling with sooo many instruments that she couldn’t carry them by herself and always had some friend around helping her. I remember I was really impressed by her approach to music: she used to arrive in a square, lay down a carpet and put several percussions, flutes, guitars and weird instruments on the ground, as if it was a ritual. Then she started playing and singing, inviting people to grab an instrument and play along with her. For her music was first of all a matter of sharing, she really believed in the power of unification that Music has. Her voice was  so strong and charismatic and her message so clear to transcend language barriers. She lived with me and Ermanno Panta for a few months and we were playing music all the time. Then she went back to Brasil. In the following decade we kept in touch but met only a couple of times. At the end of 2015 I called her and asked if she ever recorded the songs we were playing together. She answered no, telling me that for some time she’d been praying the sky for somebody to help her recording and arranging those songs and many others. That was the beginning of this album!”

La Danse d'Harmattan (2011)


Ermanno Panta: flute, pandeiro, voice (4)

This album was written and recorded in Ouagadougu, during a journey to Burkina Faso. The meeting with local musicians  inspired this project, a bridge between different cultures where the sound of western instruments blends with traditional African instruments and voices to tell the magic of this meeting. The songs tell stories of day to day life, young people who migrate in pursuit of their dreams and villages that become empty in the name of modernity. 

 Djiga "Papa" Aboubacar:

djeli 'ngoni, percussions, 'ngoni bass

Seydou Traorè:

voice (1,3)

Tim Winsey:

voice (2,5)

Robert Tiendrebeogo:

calebasse (1,4)


voice (5)