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"Travels and music have always been very important to me: discovering new places and cultures nourishes the soul, and music helped me a lot to get in touch with people and share great experiences.  I had the big luck of crossing paths with amazing musicians and beautiful friends.

Apart from playing guitar I am intrigued by many “ethnic” instrument and enjoy playing a few ones, and I’ve almost accidentally started to produce music.

In recent years technology made it very easy to make high quality recording almost in any place, with just a microphone and a computer, and I got used to all the mixing, editing and stuff related with music production.

These are the main factors that led me to the idea of “Kalibé”: a kind of imaginary musical society, a container for the music I produce that is not focused on the guitar and it's filled with collaborations. 

Songs are mostly written in cooperation with the people who are participating at that specific recording. Often I record many fragments and then edit them: at times it feels like having many pieces of a puzzle and trying to find the picture they belong to. More often the “picture” is there from the beginning, and the magic is the surprise I feel when I see it changing at any new collaboration."


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